Working on your business, not in it.


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Assigning the right job The most critical part of your business is understanding your people. Having an insight into their strengths and weakness and assigning work in a way that works with those human traits, not against them. We all know that assigning the wrong personality to a job can end in disaster so a...
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To most people in business the legalistic, jargon riddled world of tax planning is a blemish on our great nation. To think that there’s 800 million gazillion pages of legislation to control the way we calculate our taxes, is to most a complete waste of time and money. It just seems like such a mess...
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Squeeze your bank for a better deal
The royal commission into the banks has shocked a lot of people but sadly, at Power 2, we have not been surprised. We have seen over the years how the banks have become an overcharging, under servicing and uncompetitive boys club. So this year we have decided to help our clients, to push their bank...
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You can't shoot a three legged dog
There are lots of small businesses out there that “carry” a staff member. You know, that person in your team that’s had more than the regular share of life’s dramas. But when push comes to shove and you have to make some tough business decisions, the answer isn’t always your first thought. For example, you...
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