Working on your business, not in it.

Meet Andrew

Founder's Journey

Andrew Poots

Bachelor of Business, CPA, MBA

Occasionally you come across someone who works in a field to which they are well suited on many levels. Someone who has always been comfortable in their skin in their chosen field. Jonathan Thurston comes to mind alongside Quentin Bryce, Nick Rewoldt, Richie McCaw and David Attenborough. Tough guys, researchers, mentors, community leaders, funny guys, inspirational winners.

Well Andrew is not one of those guys. It has taken 27 years in the work force including 15 years self-employed to realise his core commercial strength is business planning and execution. He’s never been an elite athlete, he’s never invented anything cool, discovered anything or inspired a generation. But he’s never been a plodder and has paid the freight in a career covering professional services, international manufacturing, heavy industry and agriculture. He has a business degree and an MBA and is a director and shareholder in four separate businesses. He is a CPA and by design, does not work 9 to 5. Instead he takes sufficient time to work on his businesses, not in them.

With the inspiration of his beautiful wife Maree he was a competitive, hard-working accountant for the first ten years of his working life. Impressed the boss, got pay rises, recognition and promotions but he always knew he was destined for other things. Not better things just something else.

He went into business as an accountant and financial adviser and worked within all the traditional boundaries and industry conventions. He took advice like “just do it this way and you’ll be fine.” But before long he realised that “fine” was just code for the same degree of financial success as the last guy. “Fine” did not necessarily mean you would enjoy your work. It just meant that your income and performance would be the same as someone in the same role from a prior generation. He realised that being happy in your work was never considered a metric of any value.

Nothing in business has come easily for Andrew and no new step has ever been an obvious progression. He has never had “that big break” but has created a very comfortable living with an unusual amount of flexibility to pursue the sort of work he really loves. He has grown some businesses from scratch and most importantly worked out how to work ON his businesses NOT IN them.


So why would you hire this guy?

Because he knows what it’s like to win and to stumble, win, win, stumble and then win again. Andrew understands that some of us need to be pushed and he sees it as his duty to challenge business people about their purpose, their motivation, and their strategy. He likes to pull people apart, get rid of the baggage and put them back together again. He is a problem solver who gets to heart of issues very quickly. He is very direct and insightful and is comfortable asking the difficult questions. Andrew does not waste his own time and won’t waste yours.      

The Outback School of Business is the real deal. It is authentic and thorough, with a major focus on strategy execution plans. Punters need to be ready to investigate alternative ways of managing their business, which can challenge old habits and big egos. So if you’re ready to build and follow a serious road map to financial and personal success then it’s your call. Let’s not muck around.

PS – The OSOB is not a cushy retreat with a spa and canapes by the pool, high heels and suit jackets are best left in your office.

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