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Failed Execution ??

Over the last few months I have met with lots of business people about strategic planning. They had made enquiries about the Outback School of Business and wanted to know more about it. Many of them had been down the path of strategic planning using consultants, internally developed programs and the like. I had the chance to have a look at some of the strategy documents and in most cases they were excellent. I may have approached things in a different way but the outcome would have been similar. But the challenge, the problem and the frustration is about execution and most of the plans I have seen do not have detailed action plans. And, understandably, not much has happened. And I mean task level operational “to do” lists for lots of people within the organisation. It’s like the “just do it” part of the process had been assigned to the management team as something they should put together “when they get back to the office”. WRONG !!!  This MUST be done as part of the initial strategy development process. You must establish the execution program so it’s rollout becomes “un-dodgeable”. Each member of the team needs to present how they are actually going to implement their component of the plan as part of process, not as a subordinate task or afterthought. The task level steps need to be transparent to other team members so you all know where things are at. This is not about policing compliance but wait, it is !! Holding yourselves accountable to plans you compiled yourself and agreed to complete is not aggressive or unreasonable. But it is business.

At the Outback School of Business we build the high end strategies and their execution programs at the same time. We help you add financial estimates and analysis to each of your strategic options and create task level action plans. Let me know if you want to fire things up.

Andrew Poots
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I grew up in a small town called Clermont in Central Queensland, went to boarding school from 13, went to uni and became an accountant. I did my time, got married, had kids and went into business for myself and did OK. I built a business from nil to $5M in revenue with an EBIT of $1.5M with 25 staff and 6,000 clients. Then after 25 years of working I bought a cattle station in Western Queensland to get back into something I was missing. Everyone thought I was mad. Having a mid life crisis etc. Cattle, horses, fencing, hats and boots. I realised that I had been masquerading as a city boy when I was actually a country boy. The romance, the rugged lifestyle and the people were always appealing to me and I wanted more of it and this adventure continues today.

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