Working on your business, not in it.

Stop the Noise, Plan Effectively.

Throughout many years of consulting and assisting businesses with positive change, I have always been interested in what prevents business leaders creating and executing strong strategic plans. It has often amazed me that executives of all industries know that they should have a good plan, but settle with not having one. It is always evident when working with these people, because they are usually the ones with higher stress levels, bad communications and ironically, the ones that work the longest hours.

The main reason that I found leaders fail to plan, is that they get caught in their business. The everyday stresses of running their business ends up consuming the majority of their thought and actions, leaving little space to stop and plan. They end up constantly reacting to the circumstance that life brings them, both within their business and personal lives.

It was seeing this all too often which led me to design a unique way of assisting business people plan effectively. I knew that people that were consumed by their business, needed to be taken out of their business and into an environment that was totally different. I wanted to create an environment that stopped the the constant noise, and allowed them to assess the current position and future direction of their business. This is where the Outback School of Business was born. What we are finding is that when we take the stress-filled business owner and executive out and into the tranquil Australian outback they can finally stop, plan and begin the process of effectively executing that plan.

Andrew Poots
About the author

I grew up in a small town called Clermont in Central Queensland, went to boarding school from 13, went to uni and became an accountant. I did my time, got married, had kids and went into business for myself and did OK. I built a business from nil to $5M in revenue with an EBIT of $1.5M with 25 staff and 6,000 clients. Then after 25 years of working I bought a cattle station in Western Queensland to get back into something I was missing. Everyone thought I was mad. Having a mid life crisis etc. Cattle, horses, fencing, hats and boots. I realised that I had been masquerading as a city boy when I was actually a country boy. The romance, the rugged lifestyle and the people were always appealing to me and I wanted more of it and this adventure continues today.

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