Working on your business, not in it.


“A unique, fun and extremely beneficial experience.”
             - Paul Quinn, Principal - KQ Lawyers

“My wife, Simone and I came to the Outback School of Business completely by chance. We are glad that we did.

We are Lawyers and have our own separate, very busy litigation practices and work between the Southern Highlands of NSW and Sydney. The two of us have worked for ourselves for nearly 20 years.

“Whilst both our practices are thriving, instinctively, we both knew that we could do things better.”

And so it was that we went to Longreach in outback Queensland – absent work distractions, mobile phones, internet and day to day interruptions – and gave ourselves an opportunity to take a step away from work and have a look at our businesses from the outside.

In advance of going to Longreach we provided Andrew with information regarding our practices, such that when we arrived at the cattle station, Withywine, he had a good idea of the type of work that we do and our day to day operations, overheads and profits. Whilst at Withywine we discussed
things relevant to our work with Andrew and looked at things that we could improve. Importantly, Andrew’s support has continued after our time at Withywine.

Andrew is a gracious and entertaining host. In between working on our businesses Andrew had us mustering cattle, riding motor bikes and camping.

“It was a truly unique experience.”

If you want to take time out to work on your business with someone who is fun, sincere, genuine and is definitely interested in helping you change things in from within we both highly recommend that you get in contact with Andrew and have a crack at the Outback School of Business.”

A.P. Quinn
Principal – KQ LAWYERS

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