Working on your business, not in it.


Most strategic planning programs involve lots of two hour meetings over several months. At the Outback School of Business we get you laser focussed to produce better plans in a fraction of the time. Why is this better?

  1. Because we take you away from the distractions of mobile phones, facebook, traffic and emails.
  2. Because we give you the head space to focus on strategic matters instead of daily operations.
  3. Because it costs less to invest three days of focused team effort than 3 months of stops and starts. 

The OSOB program, through the use of a newly developed software and expert facilitation, will help you:

  • Establish strategic goals for the business
  • Define the major activities and tasks required to achieve the goals
  • Allocate and track implementation tasks for employees
  • Analyse sales revenue and cash flow impacts of growth plans

And finally the OSOB planning program will unify and motivate your team. 

Facilitation of Growth Plan
  • Define your business focus
  • Create your industry, market and business profiles
  • Define Strategic Goals for your Business
  • Create action plans to achieve your goals
  • Estimate revenue and cost impacts of the plans
Plus Periodic Reviews
  • Monthly or quarterly sessions to review your progress
  • Annual refresh of business focus, profiles and goals
Off Site “Outback School of Business”
  • Connect with and motivate your team
  • Technology Detox
  • No distractions enabling sharper focus
  • Get a lot more done in a lot less time
$2,500 to $5,000 $5,000 to $10,000 $10,000 – Variable

Menu Included In Cost

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